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The sun set slowly in the crimson western sky. In the great city of Hadren the hustle and bustle shifted from the busy market of the day to the din of business and pleasure conducted in inns and taverns. Adventurers swapped tales and made plans for future adventures...

Pernica is an online roleplaying world. An attempt to bring "pen and paper / table top" roleplaying to an online world.

Originally Pernica was to be a MMORPG (Moderately Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game). Often the first "M" stands for "Massively" but our target audience isn't the masses. Pernica has developed into more of a SCORPG - a Small Community Online Role Playing Game. We aren't trying to make everyone happy. In fact we expect many people to dislike "Pernica". Pernica is oriented towards roleplaying, plot, and character development. So if you are a "power gamer" or a "player killer" don't even bother to read further, just go find another game. Pernica is intended to be like a novel that you participate in, the writings of the great fantasy authors such as Tolkien, McCaffrey, Lieber, Kurtz, Goodkind and others serve as our inspiration.

What you will find in Pernica is a personal involvement by the game development company. Some other games claim one GM (Game Master) per 10,000 players. In Pernica you'll find a small community with a few GMs where player actions have and will change the world of Pernica.

Fully developed we intend Pernica to evolve into a moderate sized online roleplaying game with a ratio of roughly one GM per 100 players. And our GMs are not bug fix and complaint administrators. Our GM's job is to facilitate the story and the flow of the society in Pernica.

Many of you may be used to fantasy roleplaying games where the focus was on gaining more experience (killing monsters) and gaining levels (power). You are in for quite a shock. In Pernica the primary means of earning "experience" is not killing monsters. And it is perfectly conceivable that players might adopt a career as a baker or a blacksmith and play months or years without ever killing anything (we don't expect many players to do this though). And you'll find that the relative power or mortality of a level two hundred player (expected to typically take four real time years) vs a "newbie" is very close. The level 200 player will be more talented (powerful) than the newbie but it won't be like other games where the higher level player is like a god. Compare it more like a professional quarterback vs a high school quarterback (to put it in terms of football), both can play the game but obviously one is more experienced than the other.

On the links from this page you'll be able to read more details about how Pernica works. We will add this documentation as time allows (first priority is adding more features to Pernica).

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Holiday Gathering


December 18th, 2010

Story / Plot News
(read the message forums for more details)

Here you will find news as the story and plot develop.

December 18 - Old friends gathered for our "Holiday Gathering":

The group traveled to Wickenburg to investigate rumors of an unsavory fellow that was a potential risk of ruining the holiday cheer:

November 21 - Lilac, Basilar and Leyton make a rare visit inside the city walls of Hadren. Holiday plans are in the making.

January 23 - Another "open house" event was held. Thorgrim, Lilac, Furktiomah, Leyton and Aoueylyi were discussing and admiring Lord Darby's rose garden when suddenly a rather large spider appeared and apparently disliked dwarves. A furious battle ensued and Lilac finally crushed the spider with her shovel. Shortly afterward a very small spider appeared and seemed attracted to or interested in Nzargina.

January 20 - Nzargina was busy clearing the lands of foes near Fairfield.

January 16 - An "open house" was held in Fairfield where Lord Darby, Lilac and Alrik greeted August Mordred, Thorgrim Brewbeard, Hedorah and Bruno.

June 14 - Rumor is that the orcs and goblins were seen moving south from Canth! Azmoden, Dequindre and Lilac put up a brave fight before retreating south of Canth.

May 24 - Ruup, Hubris, Lilac and Leyton confirmed that Canth has been invaded and overwhelmed by orcs. Opinion was that a militia needed to be raised to push back the orcs. Fear was expressed that the orcs may be moving south.

April 27 - Hubris, Lilac and Ruup locked the troll dung sample in a trunk and stored it in the basement of the town hall.

April 26 - Azmoden, Lilac and Leyton (after Azmoden delivered a load of coal to Lord Darby) rushed to Wickenburg to notify Bishop Waleran of the note dropped by the armored goblin and the discovery of more troll poop.

Azmoden fought bravely against some skeletons as the group was set upon by Gark. Lilac's fearsome shovel swings held off the foes as the party fled. Azmoden barely survived with his life.

The group was joined by Borealis in Wickenburg and they spoke with Brother Herbert to convey the news to Bishop Waleran. Brother Herbert paid close attention to the information he gained from Lilac.

April 19 - Alrik, Lilac, Ruup, Hubris and Leyton encounter "Gark" (an armored goblin) while checking the safety of the proposed route for the new road. Ruup found a note that "Gark" dropped during the scuffle. (Gark then ran off to the west as he was severely out numbered) Another goblin ambushed the party as they approached Blackrock Lodge. Seeking shelter from the thunderstorm the group entered the inn and discovered Tonver claiming to be running the lodge.

Frantic whispers among the group speculated about nefarious possibilities. Wild crazy ideas like that trolls slept at Blackrock Lodge!

Paying for a room, the group settled down for a night's rest. (trying to not bleed too much on the linens)

April 7 - Lister stopped in for an ale with Lilac at Joan's tavern.

April 6 - A mysterious new stranger, Merlynus visits the wizard tower in Wickenburg and makes friends with several citizens in Fairfield.

April 5 - A review of the proposed new roadway revealed concerns that the slope of the land could pose difficulties for construction.

March 23 - Bunthorne's Travel Guide has been published. Note: this is preliminary and contains missing links and has not been reviewed for accuracy. Use it at your own risk!

March 22 - Bunthorne petitions Lord Darby to construct a road from Fairfield to Wickenburg to Hadren. Lord Darby appoints Bunthorne as foreman in charge of the project. To fund the project Hubris has been given the rights to work the (coal) mine which Ekib abandonned. Ruup has signed on as a construction worker.

March 1 - Lilac and Ruup traveled to Valorde to get Balar, the group then proceeded to Hadren to meet with Derrall. They were able to negotiate a deal to obtain three dozen barrels of Cerack's fine golden rye grain in exchange for a good price and 36 pounds of Filbert's finest honey. The group left with one barrel of grain on good faith.

February 16 - Word has reached Fairfield that the search continues for the Featherthorn plants. Apparently Lilac twisted her ankle and that is delaying progress.

February 11 - Kroy scouted due west from the River Inn, finding an abandoned temple near the coast. From there he followed the coast north, skirting the mountains and finding two more Featherthorn plants on the steep slopes just as he came in sight of the Saint Martin tower from the south. He avoided combat with three different orcs and a goblin on the trip, returning to the River Inn with the additional plants. Five more to go!

February 10 - Ruup, Lilac and Kroy met at dawn in Fairfield and decided to see what had become of Bunthorne, who disappeared into the western lands the day before. They followed a faint track northwest and then west from Fairfield, to an inn perched above the river canyon west of town. There they found Bunthorne and together the four struck north for the mountain pass in search of Featherthorn. They only found one plant after penetrating all the way to Saint Martin and killing eight or ten orcs and goblins coming and going through the pass.

February 9 - Kroy, Ruup, Lilac and Leyton travel to Wickenburg to speak with Agnathia. They obtained brewing information on how to make Featherthorn tea. And realized they will need to collect at least eight featherthorn plants. So far they have been unsuccessful in negotiating purchase of more grain (best offer was 50% above going rate).

February 2 - Ruup, Bunthorne, Kroy, Lilac and Leyton spoke with Muridoic and found out the issue was "druugtil" maggots. They have set out to bring the information to Lord Darby.

January 26 - Lilac, Leyton, Ruup and Kroy obtained a grain sample from Lord Darby and headed to Canth to consult with Muridoic on what might be causing the livestock illness. The group travelled to Canth and found Muridoic. In order to perform the analysis Muridoic requested the group obtain a sample of troll excrement. Luckily the group was able to quickly find a sample near the lake north of Canth and after fleeing from a troll, they brought the sample back to Muridoic. It will take Muridoic a few days to perform the analysis.

January 12 - Ruup, Lilac and Balar scouted the mountain pass to Saint Martin. They report orcs to the south of the pass.

December 16 - A snowfall has blanketed Pernica.

December 10 - Alert!!! Word is that "Bug Eyed Ted" is holding hostages in the Abbey!

December 9 - The kenaf crop is being harvested. "Gentle Julie" has come to Fairfield. The Fayre is starting to pack up.

December 3 - The Kenaf crop is fully grown and ready to harvest.

November 19 - The "fungus/mold" trouble on the Kenaf crop has been resolved. It looks like the kenaf crop will be ok after all.

November 18 - The kenaf crop is growing strong.

November 11 - Filbert has come from far away lands and is expecting to raise bees (honey) for Lord Darby.

October 21 - Lilac gave the records to Balar and Phra and Lilac received payment for their efforts. The invasion / raid south of Fairfield was discussed. Lilac and Phra escorted Balar to Hadren.

October 15 - Alrik, Leyton, Lilac and Phra scouted the outskirts of St. Martin. Slipping around the south end of town the group was able to use the cover of the tower to approach a burned out building where Alrik found the scroll of records that Jorac requested.

Alrik barely made it back to Fairfield alive. The foes may follow that trail of blood!

While the group searched St. Martin's a group of orcs and goblins raided the lands south of Fairfield.

October 8 - Leyton, Lilac and Alrik return to Fairfield with the note they found. They felt the three of them were not a sufficient force to press on to St. Martin.

Back at Joan's tavern Bunthorne, Kroy and Phra joined the others in discussion of the note. Leyton gave his opinion that it was several hundred years old.

Lilac, Leyton, Alrik and Phra set off once again for the mountains. Just past the pass more orcs were encountered. Lilac spotted and Alrik picked up a rusty short sword that was partially buried in the ground. Phra found a bottle near a tree, the consensus of the party is that it's a healing potion. Phra also found some salt and Alrik found an old axe.

An orc was encountered near the edge of what the group believes to be the town of St. Martin. A hasty retreat was made to camp safely nestled in some rocks.

October 1 - Leyton and Alrik awaken refreshed but alone in the mountain pass. Lilac finding no other volunteers in Fairfield ran with all her speed and stamina, racing the sun to reach the pass to warn Alrik and Leyton that no further reinforcements are expected today. Alrik was overcome with fatigue, and thus Lilac and Leyton scouted ahead. Alrik was awoken by the screams of battle. With Alrik's help the orc is slain. Lilac's keen eyes spot a scroll laying near some rocks in the valley. The torn note mentions the Kruppa flower. Another orc is defeated to ensure security in the pass. Alrik, Leyton and Lilac make camp again in the pass in hopes of recruiting more brave adventurers.

September 24 - Balar explains to Lilac, Kroy, Bunthorne and Alrik about Jorac's mission for them in Saint Martin (yes, St. Martin is a town). Later they were joined by Arianna and Yasmin (who was running for her life back to Fairfield). Kroy had to retire and was left in Fairfield. Lilac, Leyton, Alrik, Yasmin and Arianna made their way west and northwest to the mountain pass. After several fights and with Leyton near death the group found and camped in the pass at midnight.

September 3 - Lilac's roses have recovered from their trama. The kenaf crop appears to be growing nicely. There is a rumor that Yasmin was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time by an orc attempting to assasinate Zon. Poor Yasmin may never recover, she will need the skills of the best healers.

August - Zon, Phra, Lilac and Leyton defeat a particularly powerful group of thugs that was extorting protection money for travelling near Fairfield and Valorde. Edgar the knife, Limpy Lefty, Nine Finger Fred, and Club Joe shouldn't be bothering anyone anymore.

July 30 - Venturing away from home (especially at night) as become so hazardous that Brother Leyton issued a recommendation that nobody stray far from home until next Saturday when Rama's Raiders in combination with Lord Darby's guard (Zon) will attempt a security sweep in force.

July 9 - Lilac discovers that someone has trampled the roses at Castle Darby.

July 8 - Zon leads the effort to retake Valorde. Success!

July 4 - Orcs and Goblins have invaded and captured Valorde!

June 24 - Rama's Raiders head out for their first patrol. They are boasting of six victories.

June 18 - Phra Ram begins organizing "Rama's Raiders" (organized patrols to be run Saturday mornings at 10 AM)

June 14 - Ekib delivered a chest to Lilac, unfortunately the seeds were contaminated and may be worthless. Ekib delivered a chest to Master Cedric. Bunthorne was amused and pleased to see sheep in Fairfield.

June 12 - Master Cedric is waiting for a chest to be delivered from Hadren. Lilac needs a chest delivered from Canth for Lord Darby.

June 11 - The Spring Fayre is starting to set up again at Fairfield.

June 4 - Ekib, Balar, Lilac and Phra Ram made their way to Hadren and met with Jorac. The chest was returned. Before leaving Fairfield Lilac and Phra Ram learned from Lord Darby that part of the Fairfield militia had been sent north.

May 31 - Several of Lilac's friends rallied to show support and pledged to help her restore the gardens of Castle Darby. Balar led a smaller group to return the chest to Jorac. They were set upon by some vicious goblins but made it safely to Wickenburg.

May 28 - Leyton brings news from Wickenburg that proceedings are going to be held to declare Daneni deceased. Lord Darby is upset about weeds among his rose gardens.

May 24 - Ekib, Lilac, Kroy, Andella, Aefindar and Balar continued the search along the coast. The wreckage of the "Laughing Maiden" was found and shortly afterward a survivor (Tonver) was found. Stuck in the water nearby a chest was found. The party safely escorted Tonver back to Fairfield.

May 17 - Ekib, Lilac, Kroy, Andella, Aefindar and Balar (I hope I didn't miss anyone) set forth from Hadren following the coast for several days but so far have not found any sign of the "Laughing Maiden" (they did however discover a small island).

May 10 - Kroy, Bunthorne, Aefindar, Andella and Lilac reached the outer walls of Hadren. Some thugs attempted to mug them but were unsuccessful. Balar was delayed with some official matters in Wickenburg.

April 30 - Jorac has offered to reward any brave adventurers that can discover news of the fate of the "Laughing Maiden". Kroy, Lilac and Balar head off toward Hadren and stop to rest safely in Wickenburg. Winter's last snow has melted and springtime has fallen upon Pernica.

April 23 - Rumor the "Laughing Maiden" is overdue, perhaps lost at sea!

April 9 - Rumor of a mounted force riding north. A citizen of Valorde confirmed Bunthorne's report of hearing them.

January 15 - Our intrepid adventurers trek across the snows to make a visit to Canth.

October 23 - Yasmin buys a dress:

August 21 - Oltorf has returned with tales of a long sea voyage. He brought back an unusual fruit, "very sweet but with a sharp after taste". Oltorf indicated the fruit grew on very tall trees.

Alrik told of mistaking Mr. Parsons as a normal dog and implied Mr. Parsons is a lycanthrope!

Andella, Lilac and Alrik got into a debate on the nature of magic and witchcraft.

August 7 - Orcs and Goblins continue to press Fairfield and Valorde. Lilac, Andella and Zon drove back another squad of the foes. Alrik has been seen in public again. Although his reputation was severely tarnished by the food poisoning scandal it appears he is trying to rebuild his business.

April 3 - Lord Darby will be holding a ball on April 17th, it is invitation only.

Brother Leyton reveals more of his research: While the followers of P'tar were indeed peaceful, they did have a conflict. Cardinal Haloway preached against them several times.

It would seem that the teachings of Tarak were drawing money away from the church. Thus Cardinal Haloway encouraged discrimination against the followers of P'tar. There is one reference that indicates the reason for building the temple in the mountains was not to be “closer to P'tar” but actually to escape from the persecution of the church.

March 6 - Brother Leyton has brought more research information for the party and disclosed the following:

Followers of P'tar believe in love and peace. They were never known to engage in any “holy crusades”.

Orcs stormed the temples, slaughtering the inhabitants.

Tarak, the high priest of P'tar, was in Fairfield when he heard the news. He had a staff crafted and there are rumors of some very unholy things done in the crafting of this staff. With the staff, Tarak led a group of his followers to the temple. As far away as Wickenburg thunderous booms could be heard and flashes of light brought daylight to the night. A fierce battle must have raged, but none of the P'tar ever returned.

A prophesy is written “When the Kruppa blooms again, the daughter of P'tar shall come forth and...” (page torn and the rest missing).

The Kruppa flower is virtually unknown and long ago was known to only grow on the mountain top near the temple.

The next section speaks of the orcs being driven back and an age of enlightenment coming.

February 20 - Leyton returned from doing research at the Abbey and met with his friends to relay his findings. Leyton informed the group that the "abandonned temples" must be the ones built by the H'risak sect roughly 1300 years ago. They believed that building as high as they could would bring them closer to the enlightenment of P'tar.

Worship of P'tar faded hundreds of years ago and there are no known followers of P'tar today. There has been no mention of P'tar in the past seven hundred years.

The group escorted Leyton as far as Wickenburg as he is returning to the Abbey to do more research.

December 25 - Zon has defeated the Grinch and saved Christmas! Cheers for Zon! Happy Holidays to all!

December 19 - Phra Ram, Lilac & Leyton execute a secret mission for Katarina Darby. Phra Ram finds a sword frozen into the ground:

November - Phra Ram a foreigner has come to Fairfield and is working for Joan.

October 31 - Bishop Waleran negotiated a peaceful recovery of the citizens of Valorde. All the citizens have been safely returned, although the shaman that led the sacking of Valorde has escaped westward.

October 17 - Zon, Lilac, Rhyslin, Alrik, Andella and Leyton travelled to Wickenburg to seek aid to strike back at the orcs to recover the captured citizens of Valorde.

October 13 - Tales of the Abandonned temples at the top of the mountains west of Fairfield have reached Oltorf. If he has any hope of mapping this region he will need some extremely brave adventurers.

October 10 - A swarm of orcs and goblins made a major attack upon Valorf and Valorde today. Many citizens were captured. There is rumor of an attempted counter attack being planned against the orc outpost.

September 26 - The Fayre (at Fairfield) concludes with a tournament. Autumne and Sgt Mickelsenn represented Valorde while Lilac and Zon represented Fairfield. Lilac and Zon were victorious in the two vs two battle. In the footrace event Lilac managed to outrace everyone with her little feet and clever halfling agility.

August 29 - After many weeks of careful preparation Rhyslin lead a seance. Opinions differ on the "success" of the seance. Certainly the encounter with the spirit world was dangerous and unhealthy, but it also perhaps provided some more vital information as to the saga of Lenore and Freddy.

July 25 - Lilac, Rhyslin, Barnaby and Autumne made their way to Wickenburg to find Agnathia. Rhyslin and Lilac hired Agnathia to teach them how to conduct a seance. Along the way the group discovered that the orcs and goblins are still raiding the caravans of the area. It seems the orcs and gobliins avoid the times when the patrols are out and are very successfully ambushing travelers when the patrols are not around.

Read the Chat Log (Note: this will be the last publically posted chat log. These have been posted so that new players can get a taste for the actual roleplaying that has been occuring in Pernica.)

Cartographers wanted! Lord Darby is hiring cartographers to help improve mapping of the lands near Fairfield.

July 24 - Rhyslin is working a theory on the haunting of Castle Darby and will soon be seeking to locate "Agnathia" with the intention of conducting a seance. Read the chat log for more info: Today's Chat Log

New Joint Militia Formed!

Valorde and Fairfield have pooled their forces to combat the goblinoid threat. In a recent joint exercise, Fairfield fielded one permanent militiamen and several volunteers. Valorde managed none whatsoever. The Valorde Militia's captain, Charlemagne, has had problems with recruitment following an equipment misunderstanding. Would-be volunteers were humiliated when presented with children's toys in place of genuine arms and armour.
Latest: Tirelessly led by Sgt Zon, the joint militia have striven hard to keep the roads between Fairfield, Valorde and Wickenburg safe. Heads of slain orcs and goblins have been erected on spikes at the roadside as a warning to others of their kind, but attacks on merchants remain high and have recently risen.

June 27 - Melody and Barnaby are plotting to leave the Fayre permanently! What will Master Cedric do? Surely he will be irate at Melody leaving his company!

June 26 - Barnaby leaving the protection of the Fayre, has had some rough encounters with orcs and goblins.

May 9 - The puzzle of the missing toffee apples was solved! As Rhyslin and the others figured it out a clever goblin was bribing Pyxxy with toffee apples so that he would not alert the Fayre members of an intrusion.

May 8 - the gaming table has openned at the Spring Fayre. Come and place your wagers and try your luck!

May 2 - business appears to be picking up at the Fayre as the fayre approaches getting into full swing. Rhyslin's booth attracted a few customers.

April 25 - Rhyslin has rented a tent at the Spring Fayre, be sure to visit him and bring him your business.

April 18 - The "Spring Fayre" is coming to Fairfield.

  • Marvel at Pyxxy, the Dancing Troll
  • Sigh at the beautiful music of Melody the Songstress
  • Visit the freak show! see the Bearded Woman, the Elf With No Feet and The Amazing Flea Circus!
  • Stalls selling curios and hot pies (mmm pies!)
  • Try your Luck at the Fayre Casino!
  • Battle for your Towne's Honour in the Traditional Spring Battle between Valorde and Fairfield! Will Valorde make it three times in a row?!

While guarding the storeroom in Castle Darby a thunderous troll stormed the castle. Zon, Lilac and the others fought bravely and drove him off into the woods. Unfortunately in his flight the troll trampled much of the supplies being readied for the Fayre. (this troll was not Pyxxy the Fayre's troll)

April 4 - Katie and Sadie went missing. The adventures heard they went to the "shore" and thus searched south until they found the girls as captives of a band of orcs. Driving the orcs off, the girls were rescued.

March 7 - The witchcraft trial of Sadie, as accused by Farmer Macca, was held today. Bishop Waleran sent his "witchfinder" to hold court.

Sadie was found to be an innocent young girl and Farmer Macca and his wild accusations dismissed.

The witchfinder however was not going to return to Wickenburg without finding a guilty witch. Evidence was presented implicating Myrrhine (much of this evidence was written notes brought by the witch finder). And Myrrhine was marched south of Fairfield to be given the traditional "test".

Just before being forced into the lake, Myrrhine threw the skull seal, which had appeared on many of the questionable documents, at the feet of Brother Leyton. As Myrrhine was pushed into the lake she disappeared and then reappeared in the form of an orc. She had several orc associates to help and a battle ensued. The brave adventurers were victorious, but not without a few close calls.

(click on the images to view larger versions)

February 29 - Weazel bade farewell to the adventurers as Andella, Lilac, Rhyslin, Domicius and Leyton headed north east toward Valorde. Several orcs and goblins waylaid the party outside Valorde. After successfully defeating the orcs and goblins the party took responsibility for Elric and escorted him to Wickenburg. Along the road to Wickenburg three more goblins ambushed the party.

Once in Wickenburg it was established that Elric was not a criminal and he was reunited with his daughter Faye. After a brief visit to Daneni's Inn the party was given an urgent sealed message to deliver to Myrrhine in Fairfield and also urgent news that Farmer Macca had burned his crops and started a farmer's revolt.

The adventurers calmed Macca down and it was agreed that Macca would submit to the judgement of Bishop Waleran who would be called to bless the fields and rid them of any evil taint.

February 25 - there is some scuttlebutt around Fairfield that Lord Darby will not tolerate false accusations and gossip of enemies living in Fairfield. One person indicated the next person caught spreading such rumors would be thrown in irons for a week.

Archived Plot and Story

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